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  • Q: What is the KOZEE?

    A: KOZEE is BetterPlay Studio’s cozy gaming platform that helps you understand your relationship to video games through the lens of mental health.

  • Q: Are more updates coming?

    A: Yes. This is an early access version of KOZEE. We will be updating regularly with new content and features.

  • Q: How does KOZEE work?

    A. Simply sign up and you can enjoy a wide selection of games that are vetted to have positive effects on your mental health. KOZEE also has a proprietary algorithm that provides recommendations for games and genres that will be most beneficial for you.

  • Q. How do you evaluate games?

    A: BetterPlayStudios has a team of expert researchers and practitioners in mental health. Every game on the platform has been played and evaluated by a mental health professional.

  • Q: KOZEE recommended a weird game to me. Why?

    A: With an early access product, that is bound to happen. Help us improve our algorithm by flagging any content that appears out of place.

  • Q: Is KOZEE a replacement for mental health services?

    A: No. While we believe in the power of video games to impact a player's mental health, they are not a replacement for therapy, a robust mental health care routine, or working with a professional.

  • Q: What are you doing with the data? Is my data private?

    A: Your data is private. We will never sell your individual information to an outside party. That’s just gross.

  • Q: What age range is KOZEE for?

    A: We designed KOZEE for those over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 13 you must have a parent or guardian register on your behalf in order to play.

  • Q: How much does KOZEE cost?

    A: Early access is pay what you want. However, we rely on the support of our community to continue to make KOZEE a great product. You can support us here.

KOZEE is brought to you by the folks at BetterPlay Studios.

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